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Facebook OffersFacebook has a new type of advertising mechanism – Offers. You can create an offer for your Facebook Race Page easily by going to https://www.facebook.com/offers/.

The way it works is that you pay advertising $ to Facebook and they will put the offer into the feed of your target (fans of your race page and typically location).

Facebook Offer EmailPeople who click on the offer will get a pop up and an email (like the one on the right) that will give them instructions on claiming the coupon – like the website to register for your race and the coupon code they will use on the checkout page.

To create a Facebook Offer for your race, click on the green “Create Offers” button in the upper right:

Create Offer

Of course, make sure you set up a coupon in RunSignUp. The coupon code set in RunSignUp should match what you put in your offer.

You will pick your Race Page that willCreate Facebook Offer show automatically if you are an administrator for your race page. Then you will set the different parameters that you want for your offer as shown on the right.

Some of the key items you want to think about:

  • Make your offer for a limited time only.
  • Don’t over discount. 10% will typically get some action from people who know about your race. You may need to be more aggressive if you are establishing a race.
  • Make it Fun! In our example we did an April Fools Special.
  • Experiment. Don’t spend too much money on your first one – maybe $25 can get you enough reach on Facebook to see if it will work.

The targeting is not yet as good as it is for full Facebook Ads, but I’m sure this will change and evolve.  Certainly fans of your page will be seeing this in their feeds, which will be useful to get people to register.

In our example we did for a race I help direct, we set up the offer on March 31 and ran it until the end of the day on April 1. We had a budget of $26, but only spent $15.65. We reached 1,060 people and had 38 claims of the offer.  This translated to about 50 new registrations (some coupons were used to sign up a couple of people at a time). Our coupon was for 10% off of our $27 race.

We coupled this with an email campaign to our previous runners as well as an email list from our local running store. We sent 2,700 emails and had a 42% open rate and 210 clicks. We had 87 uses of the coupon from the email campaign.

Facebook Offers is an interesting new way to promote your race. Facebook alone will not make your race successful, but used in the right way, it can help promote your race in combination with other community reach out methods.


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  • Question…does Runsignup.com allow me to create a participant email list from the data already in your system? If so, how?

    Thank you for your support and assistance with this matter,

    Kelly Stewart
    Race Director
    NC Troopers FootChase 5k & Fun Run

    Sergeant Kelly W. Stewart
    N. C. Department of Public Safety
    N. C. State Highway Patrol
    3265 Highway 70 SE
    Newton, NC 28658
    Office (828) 466-5528
    Fax (828) 466-5529

    “E-mail correspondence sent to and from this address may be subject to the provisions of G.S. 132-1, the North Carolina Public Records Law, and may be subject to monitoring and disclosed to third parties, including law enforcement personnel, by an authorized state official.”

    • We provide an integrated email marketing for free to races. GO to the Social Tab and then the Marketing tab. You can select participant lists on RunSignUp and push those over to iContact. Then press the go to IContact button and we automatically create an account for you and log you in. Once in iContact you can create simple emails, or use their templates, or create your own. You can also upload other email contacts. Here is a How To – https://runsignup.com/How-To/EmailMarketing.

      Of course the other way is do a Participant Report and export a CSV and then import it into your favorite email system.

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