April Race Director Newsletter

Facebook generates about 11% of registrations that happen on RunSignUp. We give races an several easy ways to take advantage of the natural viral nature of Facebook by giving participants several easy ways to share the fact they signed up for a race on Facebook. Also, a number of races have invested a lot in creating a strong community of runners for their Facebook page.

We want to take a minute to explore and demystify some of the options for promoting your race on Facebook.

Facebook Offers allow you to create an offer with a direct call to action, and shares your offer with your target (typically fans of your page, by location).  You can customize your discount amount and creatively create occasions for a special. We ran a test, and came out reaching 1,060 people with 38 claims of the offer (50 registrations) for $15.65 in Facebook Advertising cost.  Just don’t forget to create a RunSignUp coupon to match your coupon code on Facebook!

Facebook Ads don’t have a strong call to action, but they allow you to target your audience more precisely through location and interest, thus expanding your network beyond those who “Like” you. The pricing of Ads allows you to elect to bid for conversions, clicks, or impressions.  We tried bidding for conversions in an ad that ran for 4 days, spent $40, and had 6,800 ad views, 106 clicks, increased our page likes by 13, and got 3 registrations.

Facebook marketing can be intimidating, especially for a race with a shoestring budget. But with Facebook cutting down on the natural viral network to 1%, we think it’s worth experimenting with!

RunSignUp User Conference
Sign Up now for the first annual RunSignUp User Conference on July 18-19. At the conference, we’ll help you maximize the RunSignUp system (reserve your 1-1 Race Consultation when you register!).  But the conference is about you, not us, so we’re bringing in Race Directors and Timers to educate via experience, share their successes and challenges, and encourage discussion among the running community. Topics will include promoting your race, race logistics, integration with The Race Director, RunSignUp Go, collaboration between Timers and Race Directors, and managing your runners. 

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