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There is increasing evidence that races can combine the power of Facebook and mobile to increase their registrations. 11% of registrations on RunSignUp originate from Facebook, and over 40% of registrations overall are done on mobile devices.

Mobile Ads more effectiveThe graphic on the right is from a BBC Study showing that ads on mobile are as much as 4X more effective than ads on desktops. It also notes that mobile awareness helps with your brand perception – an important issue for any race trying to grow their awareness. Here is an article about how Facebook Mobile Ads are more effective than desktop ads. And this blog contains a number of interesting facts about the growth of mobile ads. In the second article, you will see mobile users spend as much time on Facebook as they do on browsers – so it is an audience you want to be in front of!

We recently highlighted how to set up Facebook Ads and Facebook Offers for your race. In this blog we want to remind you that you can target your ads on Facebook to appear only on mobile devices. This can be an important part of your testing of the usefulness of Facebook ads for your race.

This is done very simply during your Facebook Ad or Facebook Offer setup. Note on the right side of the page, simply disable the desktop ad and enable the mobile ad. When runners click on your ad, they can be taken to the native RunSignUp Mobile Registration, where they will feel right at home. No need to try to pinch and expand the page since it behaves like all well adjusted mobile sites with large input fields and buttons.

Facebook Mobile Ad

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