Integrated Club and Race Registration

Join a Club during Race RegistrationMany running clubs also put on their own races. They often give discounts to members to encourage participation.

Runners who are not current members of the club are now able to sign up for the club and join the race (and get the race discount!) all in one transaction.

Race Directors set up a discount under the Financial -> Pricing -> Club Discounts page:

Club Discount


Note that multiple clubs can be selected (or all clubs). You can also set multiple date ranges, or different discounts for different clubs.

After you set up the discount, you can enable the ability to offer runners to join a club during registration. This gives them the ability to receive the discount if they join the club during registration.

Club Setup

That is all the setup that is required.

Runners will see this type of notice in the pricing section:

Discount Notice

If they click the “+” for more information, they will see the list of clubs that will receive a discount. If they are a member already as determined from their RunSignUp login, then they will get that discount of they are a member of the club.

Club Discount

If they are not a member, then they can click the box in the diagram at the very top of this post and join the club. When they join the club and sign up for an event, they will get the discount. Here is an example of the checkout page:

Checkout with Club and Race Registration

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