RunSignUp Mobile App for Runners

mobile 1We have released our first mobile app designed for runners on iPhone and iPad. The app includes a calendar of all RunSignUp races as well as native registration and results that ties to native iOS apps like Maps and Calendar. In addition, it makes life convenient for frequent users of RunSignUp since it leaves you logged in, and it saves your credit card information securely.

The calendar shows all races on RunSignUp. There is a simple search and advanced search:

Race Calendar  photo 3


When a RunSignUp race is selected, it shows up as part of the native app. If a race does not have registration, it opens the race in a browser app. The native look and feel of the app is beautiful and FAST!

Mobile Race Page

It integrates well with other iPhone apps like Calendar and Maps:

iPhone Calendar   photo 2[1]  photo 3[1]

Registration is all done in the native app – making signing up for a race a convenient and normal process of iPhone users.

photo 1   iPhone Registration    photo 3


The app also saves your credit card information securely on your iPhone:

Credit card checkout   photo 5


Once registered, you still have the normal RunSignUp capability to clear your registration within 15 minutes:

Clear Transaction

The results are also downloaded to the mobile app for display:

Mobile Results


The app is free. We do not plan on an Android version in the near term as we want to get feedback on if users (over 2/3 of our mobile visitors to the site are on Apple devices) find this app of benefit to them. If someone does want an Android app on a faster path, we are offering our source code for free via open source and we would be happy to collaborate with you.

We have made the code open source. We encourage other technology companies to use the source code to integrate with your own applications or reuse for any purpose. We are also happy to take contributions if you want to add features. The code can also serve as a great example of how to use our API to write a new front end registration application using the RunSignUp back end.

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