New Financial Reports for Accountants

New Payment ReportWe have had a few customers help give us input on developing a new set of Financial Reports that can help them reconcile their payments better. We have implemented these reports on a Race basis as well as a Partner basis (so multi-race customers can see across multiple races in a single report). In addition, we have given you an easy way to add your own financial codes to each type of payment (each event in a race, store items, coupons, etc.) which is convenient for races who enter more details into their financial system like Quickbooks.

The new Payment Report Download will be an Excel file that has multiple tabs in it. The first page has a list of all payments for your race as well as a quick summary of what the categories are that make up those payments as shown below:

Payments Spreadsheet

Each tab shows each individual payment. Note that the codes in the right hand column are the ones that you can set up on a per race basis. This will make it simpler for entering payments into Quickbooks and with reconciliation. Note also that in this screen shot cell A18 “Download All Transactions”, is actually al ink that will do just that (we will see an example later).

 Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.51.44 AM


Setting up Account Numbers is simple. Under the Financial Tab, you will see a new page for Account Numbers that will show each of your events as well as about 30 other potential categories.

The per transaction report shows the details of each individual transaction. Note there is a description that you can do sorting on to find all types of transactions such as donations registrations, etc.:

Transaction Detail

For Partners, you can access the new reports from your Payments List.  Click either the summary or the details on the right:

Partner Report Access

From the Race/Club Summary, you can download a report that gives you a snapshot across all of your races by date range:

Partner Snapshot across a number of races by date


You again can drill down into the individual transactions as shown above.  There is also an additional report that has a columns for each category of transaction (there are actually over 30 like each race, donations, store items, add-ons, giveaways with cost, refunds, transfer fees, processing fees by type, etc.), which gives you very fine grained control.  We have one partner who writes macros to analyze this report and reconcile on a per transaction basis across their various account. It is similar to the transaction report shown above except the description of the transaction is placed horizontally rather than embedded in a column.

Fine Grained Transaction by columns

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