Why RunSignUp for Race Event Management Companies

WhyWe are trying to win a race event management company and I was writing up a summary email on why they should use RunSignUp, and thought I would share it.

  1. The pricing is pretty competitive and allows you set your own fees
  2. You should be able to drive more revenue with easier and more complete registration
    1. Mobile (47% of registrations on RunSignUp are from mobile devices)
    2. Facebook App allows users to register right in Facebook
    3. Widgets on your website and your race websites drive better retention and clicks on your site.
  3. Better Marketing Tools
    1. Free EMail Marketing (that will get much easier and much better ROI tracking by end of 2014)
    2. ROI for Coupons, Emails, Adwords, Adroll, Facebook will help you figure out how to spend your marketing dollars most effectively
    3. Strongest and simplest Groups and Team capabilities that helps drive participation
    4. Referral Program built in
    5. Cooperative Marketing programs built in can generate additional promotion channels or revenue opportunities
  4. Efficiency
    1. Better Participant Management for runner self serve as well as admin on your side for event swapping, bib exchange, refunds, deferments, etc.
    2. Better financial reporting that meets your needs exactly and will save time and reduce discrepancies you have today
    3. Far better marketing tools to increase the return on your Marketing $pend as well as the efficiency of your marketing team
  5. Best and fastest growing technology platform.  We are simply outpacing all other registration platforms – just browse our blog.
    1. High Availability
    2. This means more features and differentiation for you and your races
    3. We respond quickly to customer input – see the many examples
  6. Momentum
    1. RunSignUp is the fastest growing registration platform, so you will be partnering with a winner that can help expand your reach

In summary, RunSignUp is built to help you drive more total revenue in addition to being a very cost effective processing fee platform.

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