RunSignUp Email Roll Out Schedule

EmailWe are happy to release the new RunSignUp Email System! There are several significant improvements that will happen over the next couple of months. Here is the rough schedule:

Phase 1 – Mid January – This will improve Basic Usability

  • Save Draft EMails
  • View Sent Emails
  • Test Send To specific Address
  • Additional Tags

Phase 2 – Early February – Improved EMail Lists

  • Upload Custom Lists
  • Select Multiple Years from RunSignUp lists
  • Manage Lists
  • Improved List Management User Interface

Phase 3 – Mid February – Expanded Access

  • Clubs
  • Partners – across multiple races
  • Donations, Fundraisers, Charities

Phase 4 – Early March – Automated and Scheduled Emails. There are a number of powerful promotion and communication tools that we will be able to provide. For example automatically send out emails 2 days before each price change. ¬†Automatically schedule confirmation emails to all participants the day before the race. Automatically send result emails to all participants. Send an email to all of last year’s participants when registration opens. These emails will have templates that you will be able to customize, as well as a scheduling mechanism.

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