The Great Customer T-Shirt Wall

We like to fill our RunSignUp office with reminders of our Customers, and the real life races that you use our software for. We have Canvas versions of your Race Photos (if you have a very high resolution image for us, send it our way!) surrounding us, and now we have a new commemoration: a Great Customers T-Shirt Wall.

The wall is a real-life wall, with framed t-shirts from yourWallSS acWallSS2tual races, stores, and events.  It’s more than that, though!  It is also a Virtual Wall, located on our Customers Page, where we can share a little snippet about what makes your race special, and why you work with RunSignUp.

rsu shirt (2) We want to include YOUR race on our wall, too!  Use the form on the Customers Wall Page to give us some information, and mail us a shirt.  In exchange, we’ll send you a very fancy RunSignUp tech shirt (modeled by Bob Bickel and admired by Pepper and Enid), hang your shirt on our wall, and feature some information about your race or company on our website.



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