Race Registration BarcodeWe include a registration # barcode on the confirmation page, the confirmation email and now you have the ability to include the barcode in any email you send your runners.

Bar Code ScannerWhat is the Barcode?
The barcode is the registration ID number. Each person who registers for a race in RunSignUp is issued a unique registration ID number. A barcode is a set of lines that a bar code scanner, like the $25 one on the right, can read quickly.

Why does RunSignUp use Barcodes?
Barcodes are much faster to scan than QR codes, the bar code scanners are less expensive and more durable. And we generate the bar code using CSS. This means that instead of shipping a QR Code image, which will not display easily in many email clients, the CSS will display and print very well. (Note, we do generate QRCodes for your race as well as individual runner results for printing on bibs, etc.  QR Codes are much better for showing a specific website URL address)

What is a Barcode Scanner?
Bar code scanner know how to read the barcode. You have seen them used at many retail stores in lots of shapes and sizes. They read the bar code very quickly – sub-second. Here is a link to the one we use, but do a search on Amazon or Google and you will see many options, including Bluetooth.

How do I hook it to my Computer or Tablet?
Bar code scanners connect typically via USB port or Bluetooth. We have tested the one mentioned above with iPads, Samsung tablets, Chromebooks, PC’s and Mac’s. And they all work! They are pretty simple. If you are in a text editor or in a field in a form and click the scanner. Whatever it is reading (registration bar code, bag of potato chips, etc.) will be put into the text editor just as if you were typing it.

How do I use it with RunSignUp CheckIn?
Have your volunteers using the CheckIn page on RunSignUp and the just click into the Registration ID field and click the scanner and in pops the Registration ID number! Click to check them in and you will see their customized information like T-Shirt size, Bib Number, etc.


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