Races Can Now RaceJoy Ready their Race through RunSignUp’s Dashboard

Advanced runner tracking and cheer sending in just a few steps.

Races using RunSignUp’s services can now have their race loaded in RaceJoy through RunSignUp’s dashboard! Offer RaceJoy’s real time runner tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending at no charge to your event and market your race with custom information in RaceJoy’s platform. All you have to do is Setup your race events to be RaceJoy Ready in RunSignUp’s dashboard under the Go Race Day area.


Note: During the setup, you will be prompted to provide an electronic version of your course map (GPX, KML or URL to your map in a map builder tool).

When your race is loaded in RaceJoy, it will be listed in the All Races area of RaceJoy, providing a cross promotion opportunity for your event.


BurningRiverPhoneCustom information about your race will be showcased in RaceJoy, including:

  • Your race event’s logo
  • Interactive course map(s)
  • Countdown/Start clock
  • Location, start date and time
  • Summary race information
  • Race Website URL
  • RunSignUp Registration

Once your race is loaded, you can easily make any necessary content changes real-time through RunSignUp’s dashboard. Changes will appear immediately in RaceJoy.

You will receive a notification that your race is live in RaceJoy and then you are ready to promote it to your participants. The more a race promotes RaceJoy in multiple touch points, the higher the usage. See the RaceJoy Promotion Corner for samples, graphics, and content.


Note: We require a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the event to complete the RaceJoy Ready process.

You can also monitor the usage in RaceJoy at any time from the RaceJoy dashboard.



This is a free service for RunSignUp race organizers and there is no cost, extra equipment or effort for your timer. Participants and spectators download RaceJoy from the App store on an Apple or Android device and pay 99 cents per race. The participants must carry their phones during the race. If you wish to offer this for free for your participants and spectators, we do offer an economical “buyout” option as shown below.


Key Features

With more than 60% of runners now carrying their phones while running, and a strong demand for races to provide some form of runner tracking, RaceJoy is an ideal solution for running and cycling races – of any size. Below are key RaceJoy PhoneTrak features:

  • GPS Live Tracking – Track the runner’s blue dot along the course
  • GPS-based Progress Alerts – Performance alerts at every mile!
  • Send-a-Cheer – Fun audio cheer clips to motivate the runner

For additional information, please visit the RaceJoy Website.

Be sure to setup your race in RaceJoy as soon as possible to take full advantage of this innovative technology and race promotion opportunity. Select the Sponsor buyout option if you wish to include this technology for all participants and spectators at your event as part of your event registration. A great way to differentiate your event!

We are very excited to share RaceJoy with you and look forward to helping to change the race experience!

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