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swampWe are heading to the RunningUSA The Next Evolution Conference in Chicago June 28-29. RunSignUp has a number of customers who manage next generation event series – mud runs, obstacle course races, color runs, glow runs, night runs, etc. These are typically themed multi-city events that have a mixture of emphasis on either challenge or fun activities. There is significant investment by these companies to put on excellent and entertaining productions. These series have developed very advanced marketing and customer service Blacklight Runstrategies that allow them to have thousands of runners in each of 20+ cities.

RunSignUp has worked with a number of next generation series to develop features that are beneficial to them, but can be useful Bubble Runto many traditional races. Here is a list of some of the highlights in RunSignUp available now with many of them developed from ideas given to us from this segment of the industry.


  • Daily Payments for registration and monthly partner revenue shares gets your money to you directly from the credit card network.
  • Aggressive revenue share of processing fees based on volume of business.
  • Set custom processing fees for each race or at the partner level.
  • Partner receives any extra pricing of processing fees.


  • Cross Race Reporting at Partner (view of all races across a race series) Level to see Week-to-Week, Month-to-Month and Year-Over-Year registration counts and transaction revenue amounts.Daily Report ComparisonYear over Year Registration Totals
  • Search Participants across all races level for any registration status (active, refunded, cleared, transferred, etc)Cross-race participant Search

Facebook SignUpFacebook and Marketing

RunSignUp has very advanced (and legal!) integrations with Facebook. These include:

  • Auto-share capability on customer check-out.
  • Select Facebook Page you ManageFacebook Ads Pixel support allows you to track ad spending and real completed registrations.
  • Integrated Facebook Registration App allows participants to sign in directly inside Facebook.

In addition, we have a variety of other marketing tools:

  • Drop-Out Report – allows you to see people who did not complete registration so you can do remarketing to them.
  • Google Financial DataAd Tracking – Insert their own Adroll, Facebook, Adwords, Twitter and other codes directly into the back-end of each race for detailed registration analytics
  • Your Google Analytics Account can be plugged in directly to the back-end of each race for detailed registration analytics and ecommerce data tracking
  • RunSignUp auto-tracks e-commerce data by source as shown in the report on the right
  • FREE EMail Marketing. Upload unlimited email addresses and send unlimited number of emails. Ability to enter your own HTML code to customize the look and feel.
  • Coupon ROIPowerful Coupon capabilities.
    • Assign and track coupons across all races.
    • Use Tags to categorize coupons codes for reporting
    • ROI analysis on a per code or tag basis
    • Upload unlimited Groupon and Living Social coupons. NO REGISTRATION FEE for registrations that happen at $0 on RunSignUp – so you are not paying a double processing fee for Groupon type of traffic.
  • Group and Team Capabilities
    • Special pricing – by team size, by registration group size, fixed amount per team, etc.
    • Great for relays
    • Social Sharing of Group and Team pages
    • Easy self serve for Captains, switching Captains or Multi-Captains
  • Loyalty Program to offer special registration and reduced pricing to repeat customers
  • Sponsor capabilities – offer integrated coupons on check-out and confirmation emails

Participant Management

Race Management companies report a drop in customer service overhead by 50-80% when switching to RunSignUp. A lot of this is due to the powerful, yet simple self-serve capabilities in RunSignUp as well as the robustness and stability of the platform.

Race directors have a variety of participant management options they can turn on for each race. Turning on the participant manage options gives participants some flexibility with their registration, while helping to take a large amount of customer service work off the race’s plate.

This means participants can self-serve the following functions without ever having to call or email your company:

  • Enable Refunds
  • Event Transfers (distance/wave changes)
  • Bib Exchange (transfer OR gift registration another participant)
  • Deferrals (Defer registration to next year- for free or a fee!)
  • Giveaway Management – update giveaways or shirt sizes
  • Add-on Management – Change or purchase add-ons after registration
  • Question Management – Update custom question answers
  • Race to Race Transfers – Admins have the ability to transfer a participant from one race to another on the back-end of the system
  • Admin Initiation of Bib Exchange – Race Directors can initiate the “bib exchange” process on the back-end of the system. (Participants can complete all transfers directly from their RunSignUp registration profiles, but this is a nice feature to have for those very “busy” or confused registrants!)Bib Exchange

Easy Migration or Two-System Registration

Most companies have moved to RunSignUp from other registration and check-in systems. This transition has been greatly smoothed with our powerful import capabilities. We even have customers who use another system for some of their races that are locked into a contract, yet import the data into RunSignUp to use our powerful Check-In App.

  • Simple import of previously registered participants when using a double registration system or moving to RunSignUp or using the RunSignUp Check-In App.
  • Bulk import offline registrations with waiver status and complete registration data for large organizations.

Streamlined Check-In and packet pick-up

  • Ability to insert “Registration ID” barcodes into emails for streamlined check-in
    • Scan registration barcode from confirmation email
    • Quickly check-in participant, view registration details and assign bib number
    • Check-in screen automatically clears and is ready for the next scanCheck In
  • Since the check-in app is in real time, participants can register online and check-in a few seconds later at the pack pick-up. This helps to cut down lines for new registration, since participant can still register from their smart phones!
  • New OffLine Check-In App coming in July! This will enable the check-in to happen even without Internet connections. Plus there are greatly enhanced features for printing labels or receipts.
  • Expo and On-Site Registration Kiosk mode – streamlined registration process for onsite registration and waiver signing:Check In Untitled1Kiosk


  • Multiple waiver options (checkbox, initials, full-name, date, etc) can be chosen during the online registration processWaiver
  • Easy access to view signed participant waivers with name, signing time and IP addressWaiver Time Stamp
  • Ability to force each registrant to sign their own waiver (this setting can be toggled on/off, depending on your race needs)
    • If turned on- ability to send waiver reminder emails to participants with “Un-Signed” waivers
    • Participants can then sign their wavier through their registration profile


  • Integrated Email system which can be used to send additional participant information with mapped fields for participant specific check-in informationEMail Registration ID Barcode
  • Email Lists are dynamic – You can schedule an email weeks in advance, check the participant list and the system will send to all registered participants at the time the email is sent out!
  • Upload Series logo at the partner level, so race confirmations will be branded with series logo (instead of RunSignUp)
  • Ability to customize all emails that are sent out through the RunSignUp system (confirmation email, create a team, join a team, donation confirmation, fundraising notifications, etc)

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