Payment System Updates Are Here

Credit Card ProcessingWe have heard your comments on the need for easier on-boarding of new payment accounts and have responded with updates to our Payment System. Users will see a simpler user interface that is designed to minimize the new information you need to enter into the system to set up a payment account. We rolled out the updated process today, June 22nd .

The highlight is that we will have a “Quick Start” option and “Advanced Payment Option” to set up new payment accounts. Quick Start requires the minimum information necessary to set up a payment account. The Advanced Payment Option requires a bit more information but rewards you with some additional benefits. Note: Existing customers need not do anything and can renew and add races to their existing payment account.

Quick Start

We will have two modes of Quick Start:

Set Up Now

  • We ask you for the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy credit card processing rules to set up your payment account
  • You can choose to make payments to yourself or to a business, charity or other non-profit entity like a school. The form dynamically changes to meet your particular type of organization.
  • You can choose to receive either direct deposit (preferred) or check payments and can receive your payments weekly or monthly

Set Up Later (Perfect for Timers)

  • Our innovative Quick Start payment system allows you to set up your race now, begin taking registrations now and come back later to give us the instructions on the payment account

Advanced Payment Option

RunSignUp offers an Advanced Payment Option for accounts that want additional payment benefits including:

  • Payment frequency up to daily
  • More detailed financial reporting
  • The Advanced Payment Option require a little more information than a Quick Start set up to satisfy IRS and credit card processing rules
  • We will present you with the choice to enter additional information and set up the Advanced Payment Option at the time you set up your payment account
  • Any entity who wants the additional benefits can also move to the Advanced Payment Option at any time even if you have an existing payment account

We are excited to bring you this update to our system.

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