New Check-In App Hardware Recommendations

As we get ready to release our new Offline Check-In App, we wanted to review the details on the best options for hardware. We are also including specific installation instructions.

ChromebookThis is a Google Chrome App, which has a major advantage in that is can run on any device. The negative is that printing devices only work on computers like Netbooks. Printers do NOT work on Chromebooks, and we are not testing or supporting printing on tablets or phones at this time.

So, any Chrome-capable device can do basic check-in such as this Acer, and this 14 inch one from HP. To do Printing, we are suggesting the following configuration:

Netbook like the Asus ($179) – ASUS NetbookOther laptops supporting Windows 8.1+ and Macs should work as well such as this Lenovo.

NOTE: for Windows machines, make sure to Uninstall all the “bloatwear” like the McAfee, Microsoft office, and hardware manufacturer helper apps and “cloud storage” apps. This will improve speed considerably.

Mouse ($11) – Lots of users like a mouse better than a track pad. This is a mouse with a USB wire.Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader ($23) – Scanner for Mobile Phones

Arkscan ES201 Barcode Reader Better for Reading Mobile Phones ($80) – . (Note we have heard reports that the Bluetooth connection can cut in and out – so safer to use the included USB cable).

Epson Receipt PrinterEpson TM-2011 Receipt Printer ($150) –

Thermal Paper for Receipt Printer ($13 for 10 rolls) –

Dymo Label PrinterDymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo Thermal Printer ($80) –

1 1/8 X 3 1/2 Thermal labels ($15 for 2 rolls of 350) –

8 Rolls Thermal Labels ($40) –

Barcode Reader Installation – none required. Just plug it into a USB port.

Epson Print Driver Installation Instructions for Windows for Chrome Apps:

  1. Download Zadig.exe available from:
  2. Close any other applications
  3. Run the executable, giving it administrative permissions
  4. Select Options > List All Devices
  5. Choose ‘TM-20II’ or ‘Dymo LabelWriter 450 Turbo’ from the dropdown menu
  6. Choose the libusbk driver (not libusb-win32).
  7. Click ‘Reinstall Driver’ and wait for installation to complete. If installation fails, restart your computer and try again.
  8. After installation the printer is now ready for printing on the RunSignUp Check In App.

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