Post-Events Surveys Are Essential And Easy With Endure Strong

Endure StrongGUEST BLOG: by Andrew Webb of Endure Strong.

Producing an event is hard work. There are a hundred things that need to be accomplished in order for an event to take place, and then there are a hundred more things to do in order to make it an excellent event. While organizing an event, it can be easy to lose sight of the athletes’ needs and desires and miss the mark. Conducting a post-event survey provides race directors with reliable knowledge about what they did well and what they need to improve upon.

Nearly two-thirds of race directors don’t conduct a post-race survey due to a lack of time, interest, funds, support, and expertise. With the combination of rising cost to put on an endurance event and the growth of the number of endurance events being offered, it is critical that race directors have a good pulse on their paying customers’ experiences. For without such knowledge, race directors are at risk of losing participation in their events.

SurveyEndure Strong, a new start-up in the endurance sports industry, recently launched a free survey application that changes the way race directors collect feedback. An Endure Strong survey eliminates the barriers that have prevented race directors from conducting surveys. There are no longer any valid excuse for not conducting a post-event survey.

Time. Endure Strong uses a universal survey that is pre-made and ready to use for every type of endurance event. This saves hours of time because the race director doesn’t have to think up the questions nor assemble the survey. Through comprehensive research, Endure Strong created ten questions that cover all aspects of an endurance event and focus on collecting the information that the survey participant would want to share.

Endure StrongInterest. Endure Strong can’t help a race director have an interest in improving. But for those race directors that do care enough to conduct a survey, Endure Strong does keep the interest of the survey participant better than any other survey application. One of the hardest barriers to conducting a successful survey campaign is getting the survey participants to start and finish the survey. Endure Strong utilizes several methods to overcome these barriers. Endure Strong surveys are scored on a 100 point scale, with each question being rated on a 0 to 10 point scale, which keeps the participant engaged by having a little fun. The survey is dynamic and automatically advances after each selection, eliminating unnecessary clicks which are invitations to quit.

Funds. Endure Strong is a free survey. Yes, there are other free survey applications that exist, but none that are made specifically for the endurance sports community. Also, an Endure Strong survey doesn’t look or feel like a free service either. Unlike most surveys which look like they were created with 1990 technology, Endure Strong surveys are clean and visually appealing.

Support. Endure Strong was created by an endurance athlete with the goal of helping race directors continually improve, ensuring that endurance sports continue to grow in popularity. Andrew Webb, founder and owner of Endure Strong, is always willing to help any race director conduct a successful survey campaign.

Expertise. Endure Strong was created with race directors in mind. Every detail of the survey application was created to address the aspects of endurance sports events. Race directors don’t have to be experts in conducting and analyzing surveys. Endure Strong takes care of the hard work so that it is easy as possible for the race directors to gain and analyze valuable feedback.

A lack of interest in knowing what the athletes have to say is the only excuse a race director can now give for not conducting a post-event survey. No one wants to be that race directors. And no one wants to participate in that race director’s event. With Endure Strong, there is finally a way for race directors to easily conduct a post-event survey and receive valuable feedback from their customers.

To see and go through an example survey, click here.

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