Vantiv Payment Processing Delays

Credit Card ProcessingVantiv, one of our back end payment processing providers, had issues with their payment processing reports during the week of July 13. This delayed some Advanced Payments by a day. We are working with them to try to make sure this does not happen again (although the backward state of the credit card network is a national embarrassment that few people understand and is inherently subject to issues like this).

You can track the payments in the Financial Summary page and the “View Payments” button.

7/14 6:00Pm Update:  Vantiv is delayed by a day in processing for another day – this will likely shift things one day again tomorrow into Thursday.

7/22 Update from Vantiv:

On July 13, 2015, the ecommerce back end system, which is responsible for funding and reporting, began experiencing service interruptions to funds transfers.

During this time, funds transfers were delivered later than usual, and both IQ and SSR reports were delayed.

Vantiv Technical Teams immediately identified the issues impacting customers, and we quickly worked to restore all services.  

In addition, our Merchant Services Team worked to connect with affected merchants to resolve any outstanding concerns.

The root cause was our backend database, specifically some of the tables related to reporting and funds transfers were performing more slowly than usual.

The root cause was a change to start compressing database data.  This caused a short term change in some parts of the database as it adjusted to having compressed records being co-mingled with uncompressed records.

We were able to adjust a setting on these database tables that tells it not to write records to old pages.  As of Friday, July 17th, this issue is resolved. 

We apologize for any processing disruption that you may have experienced as a result of the service interruption.

Vantiv takes its responsibilities to provide consistent levels of service very seriously, and we are committed to restoring your trust and confidence.

Thank you,
Kathy Biedenbender
Vice President, eCommerce Merchant Relations”

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