Multi-Race Bundles

Multi-Race BundleWe have introduced a powerful way to create and manage multi-race bundles. This is common for organizations who want to provide a convenient way for runners to sign up once for several races. For example the Pittsburgh Marathon created a P3R Megaticket where runners would pay a single discounted fee and sign up for the Pittsburgh Marathon (April 2016), Pittsburgh EQT 10 Miler (November 2015) and the Liberty Mile (August 2015).

Bulk Participant TransfersThe idea is to create a separate race that will contain all of the information needed to populate each of the races that are part of the Bundle. This means Giveaway items, Add-ons, Custom Questions and certainly Event options (for example there were two P3R Megaticket options – one for the Marathon and one for the Half Marathon). This process provides for maximum flexibility to meet the unique needs of your races.

The new tool in RunSignUp will help you move participants from the Bundle to the appropriate races with the appropriate information. As shown above, it is a new option in the Participant Management section.Bulk Transfer

The first step is to get a list of participants that you want to export into a race and copy the Registration ID’s. In the Pittsburgh example, they would copy the registration ID’s from the Half Marathon Bundle to import into the Half Marathon, but they would copy all the registration ID’s to import into the 10 Miler for example. The simplest way to export registration ID’s is to do the Search in the View Participants page and do an Export to CSV. When you open that spreadsheet, you can just cut a paste the Registration ID column into the first step of the Bulk Race Transfers.

CAUTION: Be careful about checking the box on that first step as removing the participants would not allow you to move those same people into other races.

ExportThe next page you will see is a confirmation of how many people you will be moving as well as the list of names as shown on the right.

The next step is to select which race you want to transfer people into. Note this is doing a transfer of the people – Select Race to Transfer IntoNOT the financial information. All financial information will be kept with the bundle.

The next step is selecting the Event ImportEvent that people will be transferred into.

The next step will allow you to match data from the Bundle Race to the individual races. We present a mechanism to match Giveaways, Add-Ons, Questions, etc.

Import Data Match

You will have a chance to review the data before it is imported:

Import Data

With that step – all of those participants are imported into the actual race from the Bundle. You can repeat for each of the races.

This design allows for differences between races and for customization of the data transfer.

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