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Logo-for-Website-170x165This weekend, RunSignUp’s own Johanna Goode is putting on her first race as a race director! Johanna is part of the Fishtown Beer Runners and came up with the idea of The Philadelphia Mayors Cup where all of the 35 running clubs in Philadelphia could compete and have a fun day of running. The race has attracted all 35 clubs with over 500 total runners. They will compete across 5 different events:

  • 5 K Cross Country
  • 5K Road
  • 10K Road
  • 10K Trail
  • Half Marathon Trail

CASAA pretty ambitious project for a first time race director!

In reality a lot of RunSignUp folks are very involved in putting on races. Bob came up with the idea for RunSignUp by being a race director for the Scott Coffee Run and the Moorestown Turkey Trot. Bryan Jenkins is instrumental in a number of races, especially in his role of helping CASA in the Richmond area. Yellow Jacket TimingJordan Desilets started up the Run Through Hell on Halloween to help raise funds for a friend with cancer. Natalie was a timer and event manager. Matt Sinclair has recently started helping a timer on the weekends. Matt Avery was a lead timer for Yellow Jacket RunTiming before moving over to RunSignUp (and is away this weekend in Up-Upstate New York for a Tri). James Harris and Roger Bradshaw also are very involved in several races.

Night Nation
But we are all pikers in comparison to Frank Brown and Brian Graham. They are co-owners of the Night Nation Run. They, along with some friends, started the first “Running Music Festival” last year in 3 cities and have expanded to 21 cities this year. In addition, they recently announced a partnership with Stand Up 2 Cancer.

We encourage our employees to embrace their passions of running and find ways to have fun and contribute to our great sport. And we couldn’t be happier or prouder of the whole crew. Hopefully this translates back into understanding what all race directors and timers do and allows us to come up with creative, real-world solutions that you (and we on the weekend) can use!

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  • Hey, don’t forget Aaron Ford. He has his own timing company and has been a great help with all things to me. Plus, he’s a great guy!


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