Advanced Payment Delays

Advanced Payment (aka Vantiv) accounts with payments made on August 10 (you would see this in the View Payments button on the Financial Summary page) will see a one day delay in the payment receipt into your bank account. Here is the explanation from Vantiv:

On August 10th, 2015, the ecommerce front end system experienced a slowdown which necessitated a move to our backup online processing server.

The root cause was our front end database, which caused a move to our emergency online processing server. Online transaction processing was moved to our secondary server due to issues encountered during a maintenance operation. While all funds were successfully settled to the FBO Settlement Account, we recovered from our backup online transaction processing too late to send out funding instructions. Therefore, no Funds transfers were initiated for delivery today. The root cause of the issue is under investigation and maintenance procedures will be revised to avoid a repeat.

The issue that occurred was not a fault of the Dynamic Payout product, but a system issue that affected all merchants processing on the Lowell platform.

We apologize for any processing and payout disruption that you may have experienced as a result of the service interruption. Vantiv takes its responsibilities to provide consistent levels of service very seriously, and we are committed to restoring your trust and confidence.

Thank you,
Jeff Shapiro
Director, PayFac Merchant Relations

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