Links to Other Pages from the RunSignUp Race Website Menu

Here is a nice, little trick. You can add a nice menu item that links to another website in the new Race Website. For example, the “Moorestown Rotary” menu item will open up the Moorestown Rotary website in a new tab on the browser. Simply create a Custom Section with the name for the Menu […]

New Race Website Mobile Optimizations

With over half of the traffic on RunSignUp coming from mobile phones (and another 10% coming from tablets), we are working hard to make the new race website very mobile friendly. Here are some of the cool things we are doing near term: Optimize Images. We are actually creating multiple sizes of the cover images and […]

Clarifying Daily Reports and Payment Reports

A common financial question we get is that some reports don’t seem to reconcile with one another.  In particular, that some participant or transaction reports don’t reconcile with payment reports. There is a reason for this.  Payments follow a settlement calendar that is dictated by the banks and credit card processing companies.  Settlements typically cut […]