Race Website Customize Content and Menu

Custom ContentWith the updated Race Website you have a lot of flexibility to put in your own content and the adjust and expand the Menu.

The key place to enter custom content is in the Wizard or from the race dashboard under Race Page – Content. There you can add Custom Sections, where you can set a URL, create custom content (including putting in HTML code), upload images, and include a video as shown at the right.

These have traditionally gone onto the Race Info page, where you can re-order them with the Race Page ->Layout option on the Dashboard.

You now have the flexibility to make these sections their own page. In addition you can make that page appear as a first level menu item, or as a sub-menu item under another top level menu item.

Website Content

Custom Menu for Race WebsiteIn the above example, the Sweat Activated Shirt custom section will be on the front page of the website – the Race Info page. The Scott Coffee 2015 Video and Awars and Race History are each their own page, and those pages will appear as sub-menu items under the Race Info main menu item as shown on the right. The final custom section, Facebook, will display as a first level item on the race website as shown on the right.

Menu OrderingThe final part of customizing the menu is determining what order you want the menu items. We provide a simple drag and drop mechanism for arranging these (that works on tablets and mobile phones too)!

All you need to do is click on a menu item and drag it to another location. For Sub-Menu items like “Race History” in this example, they need to stay under their existing primary menu item (remember you can change that in the Custom Content Display above).

If you want Donate under Race Info, just drag and drop it up there.

See the video below:

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