Partner Dashboard Improvements

We continue to make improvements to the New Partner Dashboard.

Improved Search. We refined the search capabilities of the search bar to improve the ability to find participants. We also expanded the date range to all dates, which can be refined in the search results screen shown in the next section.

Improved Search Results. We have added buttons to easily Edit or Manage a participant once you find them with your search:

Participant Search

Default Search across All Status. You will note the Status column in the above report. We now show all status in the default search. This helps find people who might be calling you customer service line who have strange situations – like they asked for a refund and claim they should be in the race. With this search you will able to see them quickly and easily.

“Transferred to ‘Race Name'”. The Status for Transferred runners has been updated so instead of it saying “transferred to another race” it tells you which race the person has been transferred to.

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