Partner Level Participant Report

We have added the Participant Report that is part of our Race Dashboard to our Partner level Dashboard. This allows partners to generate do searches and reports that span across all of their races. Note this is only for Partner Owners and Secondary Owners to protect the data. People with limited access to the Partner […]

Pittsburgh Runs with RaceJoy!

This weekend we had more than 200 people use RaceJoy at the Richard S. Caliguiri City of Pittsburgh Great Race during their 10K and 5K events. With 60 phones tracked spectators made use of RaceJoy’s live phone tracking and every mile pace alerts, monitoring participants real time as they completed the race. This is Pennsylvania’s […]

Transferring Events Options

We have added the capability to allow participants who have signed up for an event already to transfer into another event even if that event is full. Caution on using this option because runners might sign up for your Half Marathon to get into your full Marathon. We also allow for Events to be linked […]

RunSignUp September Newsletter

September’s Top News Free Websites: they’re here!  We have released our upgraded, free Websites for Races and Clubs. These sites are dynamic, flexible, professional, and created automatically in your Race or Club Wizard. Beyond that, they are fully optimized for Mobile, and work well with the updates to Facebook Mobile Pages. Customize your page with […]

Add RunSignUp Widgets in your Race or Club Website

We have added the option to place any RunSignUp Widget into a Race Page of your RunSignUp website. This can be convenient for lots of purposes – like highlighting some other races on your website, or putting a calendar of races on a Club website. To set this up, just go to a page you […]

How Great Technology Enables Marketplace Differentiation

At RunSignUp, we’re technology nerds. We love thinking of – and then creating – fancy new features and functionality, but in a vacuum that technology is useless.  Andy Harris from Columbus Running Company gave a great presentation at the 2015 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium on harnessing technology options to make your race stand out. Topics covered […]

Advanced Payment Delay

Vantiv, our credit card processor for Advanced Payment accounts had delays in their batch processing yesterday that resulted in us being unable to execute funding instructions before 6PM. This will result in a payments that daily payment customers would expect today to be made tomorrow. Today’s ACH initiation will include the transactions that should have […]

Future Trends in Registration Systems

As stated in our Registration Systems Market Analysis, we do a bi-annual internal meeting to discuss how we have done, and plan where we are heading. We thought we would share our current view on what is happening in the registration market in several areas: Needs of customers Types of solutions What is happening with […]

Fall Kickoff Sunday was a Big Race Day for RaceJoy’s GPS Tracking!

RaceJoy had a big turnout this weekend with four key races in the North East: Fifth Third Capital River Run Rochester Marathon Newport Liberty Half Marathon Detroit Women’s Half Marathon We had more than 2,000 people use RaceJoy for its GPS live runner/walker tracking on Sunday, September 20. RaceJoy’s app was well used, with 21,550 […]

Running Club Websites Released

We have released the same website capabilities for Clubs that we recently released for Races. All of the existing Clubs were automatically updated. The new design brings a number of benefits: Facebook Header Look. We evaluated a number of options and settled on a familiar look – the Facebook header style with a nice cover photo […]

Registration Market Analysis

We are a very open company (with things like public annual and availability reports as well as public roadmap), and we thought we would share some analysis we have done as well as general thoughts on the future size and direction of the registration market. We do a biannual planning meeting (we start one on Monday) where we […]

Fifth Third Capital City River Run Offers RaceJoy’s Tracking for Free

First Road Race to Offer Free GPS Phone Tracking, Alerts and Cheers September 17, 2015 – Lansing, MI – Race organizers of the Fifth Third Capital City River Run, to be held on September 20, 2015, are providing participants and spectators an innovative tracking experience through RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product. RaceJoy is the leading GPS […]

Updated Profiles with Preferences

We have updated the Profile page and all the associated pages to the new website look and feel. The major feature advance we are introducing is the idea of Preferences. Currently we have preferences for Emergency Contact and Notifications. We will be adding Giveaways and Credit Cards (which will be optional). These get stored automatically […]

2015 Altra Top of Utah Marathon, Once Again, Brings Joy to the Race

Organizers Offer RaceJoy for Second Year, Delivering an Innovative Race Experience September 14, 2015 —Logan, UT — The Altra Top of Utah Marathon, a Top of Utah Runners event, to be held on September 19, 2015, is once again offering RaceJoy, the leading GPS tracking application from RunSignUp.  Race organizers offer RaceJoy for its participants […]

The Synthesis of Races, Stores, and Training Programs

At our 2015 RunSignUp Race Director/Timer Symposium, Andy Marsh from Playmakers shared his view of the synthesis between Races, Training Programs, and Running Stores: We’ve shared our philosophy of the Running Community before; that the running community is made up of tens of thousands of micro-communities that overlap – races, running clubs, running stores, timers, as […]

New Release of RaceJoy!

RaceJoy has just released a new version for Apple devices! The new release, version 3.1, rolls out many awesome improvements with new login flows, screen formats, user tips and GPS disconnected audio alerts. We are super excited by these new improvements and think you will be too! Upon entering the app, you’ll immediately see a […]

Participant Management Makeover

We have extended our new Race Website capabilities to participant management to give your runners a clean, simple experience. Runners can look themselves up in the Find a Participant page on your race website (remember you can hide information or just put in a name search so no information shows). When you click on the […]

New Facebook Mobile for Pages – Perfect for Races using RunSignUp

Facebook announced a new layout for Facebook Pages on Mobile: “(We’re) updating Pages to help businesses build mobile presence and communicate with customers more easily. Call-to-action buttons bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Page.” Races that use RunSignUp just need to run on the RunSignUp App and you will have the […]

Your Own URL for RunSignUp Race Websites

There are several ways to make use of the new RunSignUp Race Websites with your own URL, and we will be introducing more over time. If you do not have a URL, then you can use the Short URL capability in RunSignUp to set up a URL like “”. The Farragut Half Marathon ( has used another […]

Widget Setup Changes for New Website Support

As we transition all of the pages for the new Race Website, we have also introduced the ability to use the new Color Customization to widgets. During the transition period (until around the end of September, 2015) the old color styling will also be available for older pages. During the transition period, if you want […]

Free Race Website

Are you proud of your race website? Your Race Website is important. It provides your year round public image, providing important information to your runners and a way to attract new runners. But building and maintaining a nice looking, modern, mobile-centric website is hard and expensive. RunSignUp just made it FREE. Most races can not […]

Enhanced Self-Serve Add-On Management

We have added some big refinements to allow race directors to customize how runners can manage their add-ons. This let’s a runner remove an item (note there is not a refund for these), and buy additional add-ons (if they remove items and buy other items in the same transaction they do get credit for the […]

Updated Registration Record with Link to Team

For runners who are on relay teams, it is now simple for them or the race director to get from their registration page to the team they are a part of. The team name is included and it links to the team page. This is especially convenient for Partners who have race series with many […]

Partner Dashboard Improvements

We continue to make improvements to the New Partner Dashboard. Improved Search. We refined the search capabilities of the search bar to improve the ability to find participants. We also expanded the date range to all dates, which can be refined in the search results screen shown in the next section. Improved Search Results. We […]