Custom Color Themes

Race Website Color ThemeYou can now customize your Race Website with custom colors in addition to the 6 standard themes we give you. But be careful you don’t wind up with wacky looks like the one on the right!

Go to Race Page -> Race Theme. There is a new button to Add Custom Color Theme:

Race Website Color Theme

When you click that, the custom editor will pop up with whatever set of colors you have set currently (the example below shows the default blue and orange):

Race Website Custom Color

There are 6 colors to pick – Background color, Font Color and then 4 colors used in various elements on the page. To change any of them, simply click on the square. This will bring up the color editor of the computer you are on. These screen shots show a Mac – PC’s and phones will be much simpler (not as good – get a Mac!) in terms of what they have.

Race Website Color Editor

If you are trying to match another website colors, you might want to look for the “Hex Value” (here is a website, here is another, here is another) used in the webpage. On the Mac, here is where you can edit the hex code:

Race Website Hex Code

Race Website Color PreviewSimply edit each color, then save. There is a nice Preview button by each color scheme to show you what your website will really look like without having to deploy it live (only you will see the changes). This allows you to keep editing until you love the way your website looks.

Word of caution! Make sure your text shows up on your background. For example if you have a white background and pick yellow for header colors, then people will not be able to read the header.

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