Partner Level Participant Report

We have added the Participant Report that is part of our Race Dashboard to our Partner level Dashboard. This allows partners to generate do searches and reports that span across all of their races. Note this is only for Partner Owners and Secondary Owners to protect the data. People with limited access to the Partner Dashboard will not see this. Here is an example screen shot:

Partner Participant Report

There are many common elements to the Race participant Report, such as Export options, searching and adding columns.

There are several restrictions when compared with Race Reports. The amount of information that can be retrieved is not as fine grained, with only the following columns available:

Partner Participant Report Customization

We do not yet allow for saving of the report, but will add that in the next week or so.

Partners with over 100,000 participants will see some delay in the initial query since we are loading over 100,000 participants. Subsequent refining searches are fairly quick. This will also likely see some improvements as we refine this initial release.

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