Enhanced Self-Serve Add-On Management

We have added some big refinements to allow race directors to customize how runners can manage their add-ons.

This let’s a runner remove an item (note there is not a refund for these), and buy additional add-ons (if they remove items and buy other items in the same transaction they do get credit for the removed items).

Here is the setup page:

Participant Management for Add-ons

The setup allows you to set an overall policy, or on a per add-on basis. In the above example it has been turned on and it allows runners to make a change up to 1 day prior to the event.

You can also customize this on a per add-on basis. There are three add-ons shown:

  • Send bib. This is set to a custom setting, and it is NOT allowed to be managed. This means a runner can not come in after registration and pay for their bib to be sent to them.
  • Pre-Pay Race Day Pickup. This is set to use the overall settings, which means that people can buy this add-on until 1 day before the event.
  • Upgrade to VIP. This allows a person to both upgrade as well as remove this add-on.

The option not shown is to allow people to buy, but not remove. That would be done by simply unchecking the box by “Allow participant to remove already purchased add-ons.”

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