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RaceJoy has just released a new version for Apple devices! The new release, version 3.1, rolls out many awesome improvements with new login flows, screen formats, user tips and GPS disconnected audio alerts. We are super excited by these new improvements and think you will be too!

Upon entering the app, you’ll immediately see a difference with a more modern feel to our login flows for both participants and spectators. This was designed to help make setting up RaceJoy for your individualized experience even easier.

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RaceJoy’s many advanced features requires both participants and spectators to set up their phones correctly so that they can engage with one another on race day. You’ll see that, while logging in, users now have the ability to easily set up different features they would like to experience on race day while ensuring proper system setup of their phone.

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You will also find that RaceJoy’s entry pages into each race have slightly changed. We’ve placed buttons to the more commonly used features to the top of the screen and tucked the lesser-used features under a new “More” area.

One aspect that is unique to Apple devices is the need to have users enable certain settings for RaceJoy to function properly. Apple does not allow Apps to override the person’s phone settings, so RaceJoy relies on the user for this. At times some power users turn certain functions off – not realizing this is disabling features like GPS tracking or receiving of alerts. With this release we’ve modified and added screens to help communicate these required settings.

Confirm your iPhone Settings

In addition, this release of RaceJoy incorporates an audio GPS disconnect message for the race participant if their phone gets disconnected from RaceJoy. This can happen if there is poor cell reception or issues with the person’s phone. The alert is a handy way for users to know something has occurred and that they may need to re-enter RaceJoy to activate tracking.

Finally, another big change is the introduction of RaceJoy’s delivering of scored race results for PhoneTrak races. Up until now, race results have only been available for Featured Races in RaceJoy. Races can now offer official race timed results with the complementing GPS-based progress alerts in RaceJoy. Note: this will only be available for races where race organizers have contracted with RaceJoy for results.

Yes – this new release of RaceJoy is packed with great changes and we hope you like it. There is yet more to come and we will be issuing the Android version by October.

Please send us your feedback and insights to If you experience any technical issues, help us to improve by sending as many details as you can.

If you’d like to be a brand ambassador or product tester, you can Apply Here.

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