New Facebook Mobile for Pages – Perfect for Races using RunSignUp

Facebook SignUpFacebook announced a new layout for Facebook Pages on Mobile:

“(We’re) updating Pages to help businesses build mobile presence and communicate with customers more easily. Call-to-action buttons bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Page.”

Races that use RunSignUp just need to run on the RunSignUp App and you will have the same big call to action of “Sign Up” (glad Facebook likes our terminology :-)).

Setting this up is super easy – just go to your RunSignUp Race dashboard and click on Promotion -> Facebook. Enter in your Facebook page and then click the button to add the SignUp button to your Facebook page. This actually authorizes the RunSignUp Facebook App to run on your page. Here is the setup screen:

Facebook Page Setup

Here is a sampling of mobile screen shots of the new Facebook SignUp on Mobile:

RunSignUp App in Facebook for Pittsburgh Marathon:


Blacklight Run – RunSignUp App in Facebook:


SignUp button on Facebook Page:


RunSignUp App in Facebook:


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