Add-On Report for Partners

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.25.39 AMWe have added a new report for Partners with Race Series that offer the same products across many races. It provides a consolidated view for all Add-On orders. This is a follow-on to our Store Reports, but designed especially for Add-Ons. The URun races series like BlackLight Run and Bubble Run is offering an option to ship the Add-Ons to the participants for an additional $10 fee.  They are able to hand this CSV to their supplier partner for fulfillment.

The report is accessed in the Partner Dashboard under Participants ->Add-Ons. This report is a CSV dump of add-on purchases under the partnership. The only thing that is not captured is returns of add ons under add-on management (if you remove quantities of items) so it is recommended that anyone using this report would turn that off if they are using it for shipping inventory. Remember, RunSignUp Store and Add-On’s are designed to meet the simple needs of most races, and not a full fledged e-commerce solution with advanced inventory management.

As far as the data, it contains basic shipping information as columns (name, address, city, zip, etc.) as well as a new column for each add-on under the partnership. If there are four options for an add-on, there are four columns (e.g., Glow Powder Pack – Pink, Glow Powder Pack – Green, etc.). The column names are matched so if you maintain the same names across all races in the series/partnership, they will be merged together (otherwise you would have hundreds of columns).

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.27.38 AM.png

For limited access users, there is another option — Allow user to access merchandise reports — that must be enabled for them to view the report. All Partner Owners / Admins should have access to the report though. So if you had a shipping contact, they could be added as a limited access user with the merchandise reports option enabled.

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