Bib Exchange Kiosk

We have released a Bib Exchange Kiosk to help races facilitate onsite person-to-person transfers at a race expo. The kiosk bib exchange allows race volunteers to search for and initiate a registration transfer quickly without needing participants to go to their email to get a transfer link. This is useful when race transfers are turned off in participant management, but races still want to allow person-to-person transfers at pre-race packet pick-up.


Here are the steps to enable and use the Bib Exchange Kiosk:

  1. Go to Participants>>Participant Management>>Bib Exchange
  2. Choose Enable Kiosk Transfers
  3. Enter a kiosk password (Volunteers will need to know and enter the kiosk password for each transfer)
  4. Enter a transfer fee
  5. Set the transfer options
  6. Use the separate kiosk link for the bib exchange kiosk


Once kiosk transfers are enabled, there will be a separate user interface for the race volunteers to access:

  1. Type in kiosk password and search for the original participants transfer:Untitled1
  2. Select the registration to transferUntitled2
  3. There are two types of transfers to choose from
    1. Refund: The original runner will receive a refund of their registration fee, less any refund processing fees. With this option, the new runner will pay the current price of the registration plus the transfer fee. (Note, this option is only available if the original registration was completed online and there is a registration fee associated with the registration)
    2. Gift: The original runner will not receive a refund of their entry fee and the new runner does NO pay the event entry fee. If a transfer fee is entered in the bib exchange kiosk transfer settings, the new runner will be prompted to pay that fee before completing the gift transfer
  4. Enter the new runner’s contact information and any necessary notes, then confirm the transferUntitled3
  5. The system takes the runner into expo mode, so they can complete their full registration information, sign the race waiver, and answer any race questions.Untitled4
  6. Once the registration and payment are complete, a NEXT REGISTRANT button appears on the confirmation page. When selected, the system will take you back to the beginning of the bib exchange kiosk.


Transfer Settings:

  • When transferring, keep the same bib number and chip numbers for the new registrant – If this option is selected and bib numbers are assigned in the system, the new runner will automatically be assigned the original person’s bib number. This is helpful for timers using the RunSignUp timing integration, old runner will be removed and the new runner will automatically update with the same bib number.
  • When transferring, allow the new registrant to register for any event even if normal registration is closed (up to the date that transfer requests close) – If this option is selected, the new runner will have the option to register for any event, regardless of what the original runner was registered for.


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