Runners and Spectators Fly with RaceJoy at the Flying Pig Marathon!

119,000+ Progress Alerts, 17,500 Cheers and 12,500 Users


This year, special thanks to sponsor Cincinnati Inc., runners and supporting fans were treated to RaceJoy’s advanced runner tracking and cheer sending – and the response was simply amazing. People of all ages and fitness levels embraced new technology and put it to its full use that included even a marriage proposal…

12,500 Total Users

RaceJoy had close to 12,500 people use its tracking and cheer features for the Flying Pig Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K. Runners and their friends and family showed how receptive they were to newer technology and shared their experience.


I ran my first half marathon this weekend at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. RaceJoy enhanced the experience so much by helping my cheering crowd know when I was coming their way! It also helped me worry less about looking for them in the crowd, afraid that they’d miss me. I loved that it recorded my EXACT time, because it kept me from having to look at my watch as I cross the finish line, potentially ruining my finisher picture. 

Thanks so much!  — Kelly May



One of the key features in RaceJoy is live phone tracking where friends and family can see where the person is in real-time as shown below.

track    track2

119,000+ Pig Alerts 

RaceJoy issued the most GPS Progress Alerts to date for a single race event at the Flying Pig Marathon with more than 119,000 alerts being issued as participants reached mile points on the course. We renamed these as “Pig Alerts” for the occasion and they are sent as in-app notifications.

These are progress updates that are based upon the race participant’s location on the course and are issued out at every mile, and provide elapsed time, pace and estimated finish time. The participant receives them in audio format and the supporting spectator receives a RaceJoy Cowbell sound notification and notification on the screen.

Participant Auto Postings of Pig Alerts on Twitter


17,500 Cheers

Cheers were flying at the Flying Pig Marathon, which demonstrates the excitement around this race and the great interaction that was going on race weekend. Of these 17,500 cheers, people sent 3,000 custom text-to-cheers. These are cheers people can type in and have instantly delivered in audio form to the participant. Some custom cheers sent included: “I can hear the pig starting to squeal”, “You are getting closer to the pig. Oink.”, and “On your left, opposite blue floppy balloon things and the pig.”

We loaded in special fun pig cheers just for the race and the top pig cheer sent was the “Sexy Pig Song” and then the “Look Flying Pig” cheer.


Engage Those Legs

Supporting friends and family of the newly engaged couple!

We love to hear stories of how people use RaceJoy to help them, and wanted to share a special one. This was from Lauren who was running her first full marathon and along the way began to see that she was being proposed to by the man of her dreams.

“The Flying Pig was my first full marathon, and my boyfriend suggested we each download RaceJoy so he could keep up with where I was throughout the course. What I didn’t know was that almost twenty of our friends and family had also downloaded it and were stationed throughout the last ten miles, holding signs, knowing when I was close by. This app was a critical piece of “Operation: Engage Those Legs”, and I couldn’t be more grateful! This past weekend, I achieved a huge physical milestone and said “Yes!” to marrying the man of my dreams. You guys rock!!”


Congratulations Lauren and Flynn. May you be showered with blessings and joy in the years to come!

One Last Pig Alert:

On behalf of all the runners, supporting family and friends and RaceJoy, a huge shout out goes to Cincinnati, Inc. who sponsored RaceJoy. And to race organizers of the Flying Pig Marathon who showed openness to new innovation and went the extra mile to spread the word. Runners and friends – we will cheer you at the next race! 

Offer RaceJoy at Your Race


Participants: if you have a race you’d like to use RaceJoy at, please let the race know. We just need their electronic course map.

Race Organizers: RaceJoy offers affordable buyout options and a free-to-the race option where participants and spectators pay 99 cents for RaceJoy’s features. More information can be found here.

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