Introducing: Endurance Event Education Webinar Series


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We have always believed that educated Race Directors are better Race Directors – that’s why we maintain a comprehensive set of How-To’s, host an annual Race Director/Timer Symposium, share customer stories, and document thousands of system updates on our blog.

We’re now ready to move into a new phase of education: an Endurance Event Education Webinar Series. This series will include both RunSignUp 101 Webinars for newer users, and more in-depth sessions on highly intricate processes like Series Scoring or Corrals.

First up!

RunSignUp 101: Building a Better Race Website
Led by Sales Lead Bryan Jenkinsbuttons-15

Your website is the face of your race, and the source of information for your your runners. RunSignUp Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins will take you through customizations to make your race stand out, and options to improve usability and reduce customer support.

Key topics include:

  • Building your brand
  • Engaging your social audience
  • Custom sections to highlight what makes your race unique
  • Website layout for easy navigation
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