Summer Developer Intern

12219336_892396127522241_4316793134605093467_nOur summer Development Intern, Jeff Kohart, has been with us for the past 2 and a half weeks. Jeff is a rising Computer Science Senior at Gettysburg College.He also ran for the Moorestown High School Cross Country team when Bob coached the team.

He has ramped up very quickly to be able to contribute to our system.  He was up and running in our development environment (meaning he loaded the entire system including the database on his laptop, got access to the GitHub repository, and learned how to pull the source code). He is starting out with some simple projects – about a half dozen of the small updates you have seen on this blog recently are Jeff’s work. As he gets more into the system, he will be taking on more challenging tasks.

Thank you for your contributions to our customers, Jeff!

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