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As a company, we are starting a yearly giving program, and we want our whole community to be involved. We will be donating $10,000 this year, and will continue the program in years to come. This is a donation to a running-related cause, not  a donation to any general charity. The running industry as a whole supports so many charities; we want to support the industry. For an example of the type of charity we are looking for, we (separately) made a contribution earlier this year to this organization:

If you have a suggestion for this year’s donation, please email it Our Customer Advisory Board will vote on the allocation of funds at their annual meeting, and we will announce the result at the 2016 Race Director Timer Symposium.

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  • I had collected over 400 pair of running shoes for Jamaican athletes as one idea could develop into other areas, of which I could deliver slightly defective but good sneakers.

    Another, a partnership with Culligan NJ/International Andy Ball to further a unique water system and providing a turnkey supply for race stops and finish lines. We donate inkind but need help to truly outfit the system.

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