Email Marketing Updates

We released a series of updates to the Email Marketing system. These include:

Ability to exclude recipient lists: Instead of just selecting the lists to send to, you now have to option to select both recipients and exclusions. A few examples of when you may want to use exclusions:

  • You want to email all participants about giveaway sizes, except for a custom list of participants who elected not to get a giveaway.
  • You want to email all previous participants except those who are on one of your currently registered

Add Race Theme to outbound emails: You can keep your branding consistent with custom color and font selections. This theme defaults to match the theme selected for your website.

Add email template to preload on all emails: Save time by setting a standard signature, greeting, or format to auto-load on all your emails.

Race Theme and Email Templates can be set and saved from your Dashboard at Email Marketing >>>Manage Email Settings


There is also improved interface on list creation, send emails, and custom contact list management.

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