Import OffLine Donations

You can now easily import offline donations either one at a time, or in a spreadsheet csv. In addition, the system will automatically generate a thank you email if that option is chosen. The import is done on the Donations -> Manual page. Here is a sample spreadsheet: When importing the spreadsheet, RunSignUp will provide […]

Kick off the Holiday Season with a Halloween Themed Race in RaceJoy!

Whether your race is eerily screeching past October or ringing in the New Year, the fall and winter holidays offer the perfect chance for participants and spectators to get out and enjoy the change of seasons. Races across the country are embracing the holiday season through running, walking and cycling experiences that also offer RaceJoy. […]

Unsubscribed Emails

There is a now a list of unsubscribed emails for Email marketing. This is available in a  report as well as a downloadable CSV. This is helpful if you use other email marketing tools and want to make sure you honor all unsubscribed addresses across various email marketing platforms. This report is available under EMail […]

Corporate Team Coupon Support

Corporate Teams members can now use coupons. The setting is int he Corporate Team Options: If you enable coupons for corporate team members please note the following: If a team is partially paying for it’s members, the discount is applied after the team portion is determined. For example, if the event is $100 and the […]

Corporate Team Share Link with Password

Corporate Teams can set passwords to minimize the possibility of non-employees joining the team. We have added an option to this where a Corporate Team Captain can share a link that also includes a token that eliminates the password. This link is on the Corporate Team Captain’s view of the Team Page:

Half Marathons Offering Industry’s Most Advanced Live Tracking this Weekend!

Half marathons in states stretching across the country are offering RaceJoy’s innovative live GPS tracking, from Florida to Michigan to California! Half marathons continue to be a very popular race in the United States and appeal to runners of all fitness abilities. According to Running USA, the 13.1 is the second most popular running distance […]

St. Louis BizDash Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This BizDash Case Study creating a Corporate Team event.  View the PDF Version of the St. Louis BizDash Case Study About the St. Louis Biz Dash and RunSignUp: The St. Louis […]

Lots of RaceDay Photo Updates

We are seeing great early adoption of the RaceDay Photos Platform with tens of thousands of photos uploaded during this beta phase. We released a “collage” of new photo features at the end of last week. Here is the run down: Social Sharing We have added Social Sharing to photos. Simply click the Facebook icon […]

RunScore and Race Director Timer Surveys of Most Used & Preferred Registration Providers

RunScore and Race Director, the two leading providers of timing software, independently polled their users to ascertain the registration providers most used and most liked by their user base. These surveys, a follow-up to a similar 2014 survey, help identify the registration providers that are most prominent among the timers served by the software companies. The combined RunScore […]

Major Fundraising & Donation Enhancements

We have released a ton of enhancements for races who do Donations and Fundraising. This addresses the needs of many charity-first races and walks stuck on old legacy donation systems – brining all of the power of those systems into a modern implementation with industry leading race registration, promotion and race day tools. Here is […]

Force All Participants to become Fundraisers

We added a new option that forces all participants for a specific event to become Fundraisers, but to skip the steps to set up and customize their Fundraising page. This speeds the registration process and maximizes the number of participants who will do some fundraising. The participants are sent a follow-up email that gives them […]

Advanced Fundraising Options

We have added a new Advanced Fundraising setup option with many new functions. Fundraiser Type Having the ability to have Fundraising types allows charities to segment and report on their various audiences. This is setup on the Advanced Fundraiser Setup page: This adds a new field on the Become a Fundraiser form that people fill […]

New Fundraising Fields for Participant Report

We have added two fields for the Participant Report in the Hidden Fields section: This allows you to easily see Fundraising Captains in your participant reports. The Fundraiser ID is useful for combining multiple reports in spreadsheets – for example participant data along with Fundraising data for individuals.

New Fundraiser Reports

We have greatly expanded the Fundraising Reports, adding a number of options: Captain Report Top Fundraisers Report Fundraiser Type Individual or Team Reports Sort by Team Size or $Donations Filter by Fundraiser Custom Questions For example, the Captain Report shows all  primary contacts (an Individual Fundraiser is also a “Captain”): The Top FundRaiser Report has […]

Alternate Layout for Question Responses (useful for additional waivers)

We have added an option to position the Question Answers below the “Additional Details” in Custom Questions. This is useful for when races may have more than one waiver: This is simply a new option at the bottom of each question in the race director dashboard:

Undeliverable Addresses

We have added a mechanism for Race Directors to mark addresses as “Undeliverable”. This is convenient for races who want to do physical mailers and want to save postage costs. You can do this by Editing a User (reach this from View participants -> Edit User): In the View Participants, you will need to turn […]

View participant Report Hidden Fields

There is now a new option on the View participants report for “hidden” fields. These are fields that are not commonly used and are not shown when you do a “Show All Columns” since there are about 75 columns. Most new features we add will go into this Hidden Fields area since we are getting […]

Queen Bee Half Marathon Participants Buzzed with Race Joy!

The Queen Bee Half Marathon on Saturday, October 8th buzzed through Cincinnati as more than 3,000 finishers took to the streets. Race organizers of the Flying Pig Marathon are also the hosts of this weekend’s women’s half marathon and offered RaceJoy’s interactive race day experience to their participants and spectators for free for the second […]

Email Marketing Updates

We released a series of updates to the Email Marketing system. These include: Ability to exclude recipient lists: Instead of just selecting the lists to send to, you now have to option to select both recipients and exclusions. A few examples of when you may want to use exclusions: You want to email all participants about giveaway […]

35th Anniversary Wineglass Marathon Offers Unbeatable Race Day Experience with RaceJoy!

111% Usage Rate      77,000 Page Views      68,000 Progress Updates       9,500 Cheers! This past weekend participants and their supporting family and friends made full use of RaceJoy to add to their race experience at the Wineglass Marathon. Held on October 2, the destination race was located in the heart of the Finger Lakes and is a […]

Negative Split Productions Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on RunSignUp Race Websites, the Referral Program, and the RaceDay CheckIn Mobile App.  Download PDF Version of the Case Study About Negative Split Productions and RunSignUp […]

DDOS – What a Distributed Denial of Service Attack Looks Like

We had a DDOS attack on RunSignUp today.  It lasted from about 4:00PM until 4:45PM when we were successful in cutting it off. It averaged over 1,000 requests per second. The attack was looking for vulnerabilities like SQL injection. This slowed down the average response time on our website about a half second from about 2.7 […]

Bringing Your Race Event Online into the Digital World for Global Participation

Guest Blog by Gary McNamee of Outside Interactive With the pervasiveness of the internet in each of our daily lives, the world has truly gotten smaller. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter allow us to interact and communicate whether around the block or half way around the world. While this will always be one […]

Import Giveaways

You can now import Giveaways like you can Custom Questions. This is initiated by going to the Giveaway dashboard page and clicking on the Import Action: You should have a comma-separated value (CSV) file including participant’s giveaway assignments. The CSV should contain two columns, including Registration ID and Assignment headings, with the second row containing […]