RunScore and Race Director Timer Surveys of Most Used & Preferred Registration Providers

RunScore and Race Director, the trunscore_4wo leading providers of timing software, independently polled their users to ascertain the registration providers most used and most liked by their user base. These surveys, a follow-up to a racedirector-new-full-logosimilar 2014 survey, help identify the registration providers that are most prominent among the timers served by the software companies.

The combined RunScore and Race Director 2016 surveys found that RunSignUp was both the most commonly used (52.91% compared to 39.00% in 2014) and most often the favorite system (47.09% compared to 33.60% in 2014). In total, respondents reported 52 separate registration companies used, with 25 of them being selected as the favorite provider for at least one user.

Another interesting trend is the increase in using one’s own system: this option increased in use from 10.10% in 2014 to 14.56% in 2016, and has risen to 2nd in the list of favorite registration systems (11.65% in 2016 from 6.40% in 2014).

You can see a full comparison of the results in 2016 vs 2014 here:

The Race Director has also posted a full breakdown of their survey results, as well as the combined 2016 results here:

About the Survey: This is not a scientific study, but rather, a voluntary survey of RunScore and Race Director users. It was sent out separately to users of each software system, and posted online to timer forums. Respondents were able to select multiple registration companies that they currently use (to represent ALL systems they use), but only selected one that is their favorite.

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