RunScore and Race Director Timer Surveys of Most Used & Preferred Registration Providers

RunScore and Race Director, the two leading providers of timing software, independently polled their users to ascertain the registration providers most used and most liked by their user base. These surveys, a follow-up to a similar 2014 survey, help identify the registration providers that are most prominent among the timers served by the software companies. The combined RunScore […]

Major Fundraising & Donation Enhancements

We have released a ton of enhancements for races who do Donations and Fundraising. This addresses the needs of many charity-first races and walks stuck on old legacy donation systems – brining all of the power of those systems into a modern implementation with industry leading race registration, promotion and race day tools. Here is […]

Force All Participants to become Fundraisers

We added a new option that forces all participants for a specific event to become Fundraisers, but to skip the steps to set up and customize their Fundraising page. This speeds the registration process and maximizes the number of participants who will do some fundraising. The participants are sent a follow-up email that gives them […]

Advanced Fundraising Options

We have added a new Advanced Fundraising setup option with many new functions. Fundraiser Type Having the ability to have Fundraising types allows charities to segment and report on their various audiences. This is setup on the Advanced Fundraiser Setup page: This adds a new field on the Become a Fundraiser form that people fill […]

New Fundraising Fields for Participant Report

We have added two fields for the Participant Report in the Hidden Fields section: This allows you to easily see Fundraising Captains in your participant reports. The Fundraiser ID is useful for combining multiple reports in spreadsheets – for example participant data along with Fundraising data for individuals.

New Fundraiser Reports

We have greatly expanded the Fundraising Reports, adding a number of options: Captain Report Top Fundraisers Report Fundraiser Type Individual or Team Reports Sort by Team Size or $Donations Filter by Fundraiser Custom Questions For example, the Captain Report shows all  primary contacts (an Individual Fundraiser is also a “Captain”): The Top FundRaiser Report has […]