The Right Side of Technology

fast-ron.pngAt our core, we are a technology company. Yes, we are completely focused on endurance, but so are many races. Yes, we care about our customers, but so does every race. But races simply do not have the focus or expertise to be technology experts – and that is where we come in.

RunSignUp makes bets on the advancement of technology to meet the needs of the endurance community. Those bets are proving out. For example our bet on GPS Tracking being a major breakthrough is being realized as more races provide RaceJoy as a service to their participants, but also to do advanced monitoring of their race.

Today Amazon, our cloud infrastructure provider, announced a 20% drop in prices for storage. We are betting on continued drops in memory as part of our strategy for Photos. We are providing a free photo platform, which means we will have to store the millions of photos races upload. In the past this would have been very, very expensive. Now the price drops every year.

Opening up technology advancements to the endurance industry is our job. And we will keep having fun bringing you cutting edge innovations.

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