Strike-Through Pricing for Event Grouping

When you group events together to make the display of events clearer, you can now also do strike through pricing. If all events are the same price and have the same strike through price, it will appear like this: If the events are different prices ad different strike through prices, then it will show the […]

Shipping Address Validation

An increasing number of races are shipping items to their participants before the race (or after!). Some races charge a shipping charge, and some bundle it into their pricing. However, if items are returned, that can create frustration for the participant and a lot of overhead for race directors. If you have ever bought something […]

Customize Event Details on Race Websites

We have made some nice customization capabilities for generating a stronger “Call to Action” over the past month or so, including Strike Through Pricing and Event Highlighting with images and call-outs. By default, we include Details on each events that explain the ending registration date or the date of the next price increase. For example, […]

How To -Customize Your Race Website

One of the most powerful features of RunSignUp is a free race website. We provide simple tools that have a lot of power to add content, pages, customize menus, etc. Here are a new set of How To tutorials (this is the order that is most useful for new race directors): 1) 2) 3) 4) […]

Does Your Race Need a Native App?

We made a decision almost 2 years ago that we would not have a stand alone app for registration that consumers would use, and that RaceJoy would be a single app, and we would not create an app for each race. There is a blog making the rounds “Why Native Apps are Doomed“. Here are […]

Recording Matching Gifts

In addition to the ability to Matching Gift Data Links, RunSignUp now offers races a way to keep track of Matching Gifts on a per donor basis. In the Donor Report example below, Bill Hewlett’s employer, HP has made a matching gift donation. Record this by first clicking Edit: When clicking on Edit, you can […]

Madison Marathon Ran with RaceJoy!

Ever run a race and wish you had a little help from your friends or a way to motivate you through a rough spot? Well, that is what RaceJoy was built for and this last weekend’s Madison Marathon and Half Marathon participants made full use of it! During the Madison Marathon weekend, nearly 3,000 people […]

Email Marketing Whitelabeling

Note: This feature was discontinued in January, 2023. Enabling Whitelabeling is one of the best ways to improve email deliverability. It allows you to send through your own domain name, rather than sending with RunSignUp’s default settings. By placing your domain information into the emails rather than the default settings, recipients are able to verify […]

Security Updates – Dirty COW

We have installed the patches for the “Dirty COW“, the privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux Kernel. They even have a logo for it. The AWS patches are here. If you use other systems that run on Linux, you should check to make sure these changes are made:

Photos – Inappropriate Content

We are now using Google Vision to detect inappropriate content that is uploaded to the RaceDay Photo Platform. We are hoping this prevents misuse of the platform. This is the same system Google uses for their Safe Search capability. The API is pretty cool. Here is an example of what the API returns: For now, […]

In addition to RunSignUp, BikeSignUp, and TriSignUp, is now available to prevent confusion for ski events using our software. All events(running, biking, triathlons, skiing, and more) are listed on each iteration of the site, and race directors can access all of their races from any dashboard. However, events that share the version of […]

Along with the recently released BikeSignUp, we now offer TriSignUp branding for triathlon customers who want their signup to be specific to their type of event. Like with BikeSignUp, all races are listed on each iteration of the site (BikeSignUp, RunSignUp, TriSignUp, and SkiSignUp), and race directors can access all of their races from any […]

RunSignUp Announces Additional $1 Million Capital Investment

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp, the leading Race Management Platform in the US, today announced a capital investment of $1 Million by Bob Bickel, the founder and owner of the company. The purpose of the investment is to assure sufficient capital in light of the legal expenses from the Active lawsuits against 1N3 and TMT – […]

Donation & Fundraising Email Capabilities

We have customized our email marketing capabilities for use with Donations and Fundraising. Fundraisers now can email when they are logged in. There is also a new Communications menu item for race directors under Donations with the capabilities found in the overall email marketing system, but customized for Donations and Fundraising. Fundraiser Emails One of […]

RaceJoy Announces Off Course Alerts

We are very excited to share the latest RaceJoy innovation – off course alerts! This will help race organizers to manage race day operations by seeing if they have a trouble spot on the course and help keep participants on the course route. Races can also request to have off course alerts issued in audio […]