1,000 Registrations per Minute

Bayshore Marathon opened this morning and along with other traffic put a load of 1,000 registrations per minute on our system.

Response time was 2.6 seconds with peak loads of over 6,000 pages per second.

Registration opened at 9:00 and there were 861 people signed up within 2 minutes – meaning they breezed thru the registration process.

Here are some pretty graphs below. We did not expand the system because we wanted to see what the behavior of the default config is under this load and what areas we should expand when we do our annual infrastructure refresh in February.

Browser Response Time:

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 10.02.03 AM.png

3 NGINX Servers (m4.large):


4 Web Servers (c4.2Xlarge) (Note: we will be expanding these in February)


Primary Database (r3.2xlarge), Backup, Shards (r3.large): (Note: the main database has plenty of capacity – need to enlarge or break up the shard in February when we do our annual refresh).




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