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We have a couple of large customers who have sold out events with Waitlists. Some participants signed up for another event wish to transfer themselves to the event with the waitlist. In this example, a person in the Marathon event for the Wineglass Marathon wants to join the waitlist for the sold out Half Marathon:
1) From your Race Page click on Edit Registration.
2) Click on Transfer Event.
3) Click on Start Transfer.
unnamed (1).png
4) Select the event you want to transfer from the drop-down menu.
5) If the event is full then there is a note for Registration Full. Click Join the Waiting List.
unnamed (1).png
6) Click Transfer to Waiting List.
unnamed (3).png
7) A green success message will appear along with more information about their spot in line.
unnamed (4).png
8) On Step 5 if someone doesn’t click on the Join the Waiting List link and instead clicks Continue they will receive a red error message indicating they cannot complete registration at this time. They must choose Join the Waiting List instead.
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