Introducing: Smarter Registration with RaceInsights


In the increasingly competitive market of endurance events, effective marketing is critical to converting runners into registrants, as our 2016  RaceTrends report confirmed. As a race director, you need to make data-driven decisions about your race’s strategy to boost registrations and increase profits. With RaceInsights, powered by RunSignUp Analytics, RunSignUp integrates your race’s data in a new, unified platform to give you practical business insights and help you maximize your event’s value while optimizing revenue.

Race directors need to know who, when, and how runners are registering for their races to take action based on what is – and isn’t – working. To provide you with actionable information, we are tracking every click, registration, and transaction on your race website and analyzing the sources to show you the true ROI of marketing efforts such as Facebook advertising and automated emails.

Google Analytics and other analytics tools give you a lot of data, but it’s complicated and doesn’t generate pertinent insights for your race. RaceInsights, in contrast, applies robust analytical technology to race registrations to give you the information that you need, without bogging you down in granular data.

At this time, RaceInsights delivers real-time business intelligence capabilities, drill-down reports, and year-to-year analytics across 5 categories to help you make informed decisions:

  • Overview: Monitor how your marketing strategy correlates to page views, registrations, and transactions. Discover which incentives drive race sign up.
  • Transactions: Generate drill-down revenue reports or compare revenue to past years’ events at similar points in registration cycles.
  • Promotion: Track new vs. repeat participants, your return on investment from referral registrations, and the impact of automated emails.
  • Demographics: Understand who is registering for your races to better target captured market segments and visualize your participant base through dynamic graphs and geographic heat maps.
  • Registrations: Determine the key points in participants’ registration process and maximize your visibility at these points through strategic marketing and communication.

RaceInsights will continue to evolve over the coming months as we integrate new technologies to ensure that race directors have the best and most advanced tools to let you harness your data to pinpoint and scale strategies that optimize your event’s performance.

To learn more, we have a free RaceInsights Guide, a detailed technical blog, and an upcoming webinar.

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