Saving Taps

Snoopy at his typewriter - slowly pecking away. Zip Code API would make Snoopy happy.Little things we do add up for our users. One is when people enter their address, we ask for their Zipcode and then auto-fill the City and State. We use ZipCodeAPI to do this little magic trick.

Since the average city is 8 characters long (, and a state is 2 characters, RunSignUp has saved over 4 Million people who signed up for races on RunSignUp over 40 Million taps on their iPhone, Android and laptop keyboards.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 12.27.19 PMHow much is 40 million taps? According to that’s more than writing the Bible twelve times. That’s more than writing the Game of Thrones book 22 times! At 50 words per minute, that’s over 133,000 minutes or 2,200 hours. However you look at it, this simple little feature saves a lot of time!

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