Guest Blog – Digitization – the future of race events

This guest post is from Marc Grewenig, CEO of our new technology partner, eventbaxx

Being a race director certainly is a full-time job. Not just that you are constantly involved in scheduling, planning and directing upcoming events, you also have to process past ones in the aftermath.

Moreover, other tasks like advertising to generate participants and the acquisition of sponsors are as essential as they are time-consuming.

Therefore, it is indispensable to always keep an eye on new developments and innovations within the sector that simplify the process and enhance the quality of your next race.


One of the newest of such solutions is the digital race bag eventbaxx by the German startup Fanomena.

By displaying the classic swag bag — that is still distributed at many races — in a digital way the tool can help race directors to upgrade their events by offering numerous advantages that will be outlined in this blog.

But first, let us take a moment to look at the tool in detail!

As illustrated below eventbaxx offers countless possibilities to depict both, the organizer’s and the sponsors’ content in an appealing way.

Besides classic advertising messages, the technology allows creating different coupons that offer added value to the participants. For instance, sponsors are able to provide discount codes or redeemable goodies within the bag.

Even raffles and surveys can be created to enlarge the interaction between your partners and participants.

Race-specific information like e.g. a map of the running track, a direct link to the racers’ results and pictures can thereby easily be combined with the sponsors’ message.

In comparison with the classic swag bag that might end up in the trash immediately after handing it out, the participants’ interaction with the content can be permanently monitored — even in real time!

By that, you cannot just measure the success of your own content but also provide your partners with a detailed listing considering their ROI.

Additionally, the eventbaxx does not need to be carried around like an old-fashioned swag bag but can be easily entered at any time from any device.

Need more factors to be convinced? Well, here we go then!


Besides the benefits that have already been portrayed, the usage of eventbaxx can help you in opening new revenue channels by selling placements in the race bag to your partners and sponsors.

In that way all parties involved profit: On the one hand, your sponsors are able to display their advertising message or -content in an innovative way via a new channel and track the respondent’s interaction.

On the other hand, participants benefit from exclusive content and discount codes that are linked to the topic they are interested in.

And you? You are able to enhance your data pool and profit financially by selling coupons.

Sounds great? Well, there’s even more to it!


eventbaxx can help you in significantly improving the reach of your race event.

While a physical swag bag only reaches the participants that actively come to the stand that distributes them, the possibilities of reaching your attendees with the help of eventbaxx are countless.

The solution allows you to invite all participants by e-mail ahead of the event, share an opt-in link via your social networks or even let your participants invite each other.

By offering them a reward for sharing an invitation with a friend and spreading the word more people can be reached. This becomes especially interesting for races that only interacted with the team captains until now.

With eventbaxx, they are now able to contact a broader base of its attendees and profit from the new-won data.


Did you know that it takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of A4 paper?

Now, take one second to imagine what an impact it has to produce thousands of flyers for a race event.

Sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

It becomes even worse when you bear in mind that the majority of this waste ends up in the trash.

As a solution eventbaxx intends to prepare race events for a sustainable future.

By digitalizing flyers, leaflets and the classic swag bag meaningful resources like water, paper, and trees can be saved and CO2-emission can be significantly reduced.

Until now 3,295.5 kg of CO2, 621,792 sheets of paper and 3,108,960 liters of water have already been saved — and counting.


Recently another milestone in the history of the start-up has been achieved: a partnership with US market leader RunSignUp!

A technical integration now allows races using both platforms to easily sync participants via the RunSignUp Open API, making it simple and efficient for distribution of eventbaxx race bags.

Marc Grewenig, co-founder of eventbaxx said, “We have many leading races from small to big ones in Europe using our platform to expand benefits to sponsors while providing deep ROI. As we enter the US market, we wanted to partner with the leading technology and registration provider for endurance events to reach more customers quickly. The integration with the RunSignup Open API was simple and we appreciate their open approach to business.”

“We are excited to continue to expand our technology partners with innovative companies like eventbaxx. This provides more choice to races and provides a better experience for participants, said Bob Bickel, Founder of RunSignUp.

Interested? To learn more about the partnership just visit


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