Bring Back My Fundraising Team

We have made it simple for fundraisers to “bring back their team” – sending them invites once your team fundraising page is complete.
Set this up in your Fundraising Settings (Dashboard—>Donation—>Setup) and click on “Enable Bring Back my Team”)
image (5).png
Once this feature is enabled (just by checking that box), a captain can bring back their team from the previous donation period. The user must be logged into their RunSignUp account when they are registering for this years event.
If a user decides to “Bring Back” their team, after registration, all previous fundraising team members are sent notification emails to invite them to register and join the fundraising team(Example below).
image (5) (1).png
​Here is a screenshot of what it would look like if I was a captain of a fundraising team, going to register for this years event:
​The above will actually default to no.
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