Email Marketing Templates V 2.0

We have released a major update to RunSignUp’s email marketing templates. The highlights of this release include:

  • Multiple templates
  • Auto-update of race emails within 5 minutes of race changes
  • Partner & Club email templates
  • Partner templates available at the race levels
  • Easy toggle between templates and themes when building emails

Multiple Templates

Previously, races would manage template settings and all emails they created would be built using those settings. This update allows races to determine the settings of an individual email template and save multiple different templates, allowing for races to store several templates for different purposes. Races with existing templates and modifications have had those modifications automatically migrated to the new template system.

Auto-update of race emails within 5 minutes of race changes

Previously, once a race customized the baseline email template provided by template settings, RunSignUp no longer generated a “fresh” template, instead reverting to the race director’s customizations. This caused some confusion if a race update it’s logo or date information, as these changes weren’t automatically reflected in their customized emails. Now, any races that use RunSignUp generated templates will automatically have their headers, sponsor sections, and footers updated to reflect any race changes within 5 minutes.

Partner & Club email templates

The email template system has been expanded so that it is now available at both the club and partnership levels. This access to the templating system should allow clubs to more easily store things like monthly newsletters and allow partners to easily save promotional emails to re-use for different races.

Partner templates available at the race levels

One major benefit to having email templates at the partnership level is that any race or club under a partnership will be able to use (but not edit) an email template created by their partnership. Rather than creating the email template within each race, partners will be able to create a template once in their partnership, and use that template within any of their races and clubs.

Easy toggle between templates and themes when building emails

When sending an email, it is easy to toggle between the available templates and color schemes, and immediately see the effects of the changes on the selected emails. This process allows for easy selection of templates directly within the email sending process; it also allow users to select the theme they wish to apply to the emails, even if it doesn’t match the race website’s theme.

Coming soon!

With the release of email templates V2.0, users should see significant improvements in their ability to use and re-use email templates across various email campaigns. Combined with the auto-updating of existing email templates to reflect race changes and renewals, managing email campaigns should be greatly simplified.

Up next: a update to the email-building interface, bringing WYSIWYG and image-hosting capabilities to RunSignUp emails.

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