Sample Race Registration RFP

rfpimage1We have had many races approach us asking for input on creating their Request for Proposal when they are considering another registration provider. We’ve taken a look through the many we have received over time, and have come up with a sample template that you are free to use, edit and modify for your race.

The Google Doc can be accessed here – Sample Race Registration RFP.

The Word version is here – Sample Race Registration RFP.

The first page is information that you should complete that gives a background on your race and the requirements of the RFP, like due dates and decision timeline.

After that, we have organized it into sections:

  • Pricing
  • Contract
  • Financial, Security, Privacy and Systems
  • Support
  • References
  • Features:
    • Promotion
    • Registration
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Fundraising
    • RaceDay

The Financial and Features sections have multiple sub-sections with specific requirements. Each requirement has a simple Yes/No/Partial checkbox that makes it easy to tally up scores and an explanation area.

Feel free to download and edit to your own specific needs and priorities. Also, please send us suggestions on how we can make this more useful.

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