Improved Email Subscriber Scrubbing

We have improved the scrubbing of email lists that might be shared between races and partners. There is a new partner level tool to download email lists under Email Marketing -> Manage Lists: When you download, all unsubscribed email addresses are scrubbed from the download. So you can import these into another race or partner […]

Risk Management & Underwriting

As we wrote about last month we have seen more races cancelled in the past year by operators who have had financial difficulties or just decided it was easier to walk away from the responsibility of the race. We also continue to guard against fraudsters who want to use our site illegally. Without proper safeguards […]

RaceDay Scoring: Beta Webinar

Curious about the progress of RaceDay Scoring? Join Product Manager Matt Avery on 4/4/18 for a webinar for an overview of the Beta product. Highlights will include: Overview of the product  Definitions of components  Integration points  Feature overview Getting Started  How to Install  Create a Race  Show where users can find integration guides for more […]

RaceTrends: Are You Priced Out of the Market?

One of the first questions a race director must answer before they can collect registrations is How much does this race cost? The factors that determine a “reasonable” price are wide-ranging; race directors must consider: The base cost to put on their event: timing, local police, permitting, medical staff, RaceDay supplies, etc. What runners get: The […]

RunSignUp and Strava Link Race Day to the Training Journey

RunSignUp, the leading race management platform, is excited to announce that Strava, the social network for athletes, is the first National Sponsor in a new expansion of RunSignUp’s Sponsor platform. RunSignUp and Strava are built by athletes for athletes. Together, they are providing a way for the 15,000+ races using RunSignUp to expand from just […]

Sponsor Resources

Our technology partner eventbaxx recently released and shared with us an eBook on How To Find, Contact, and Keep Sponsors, prompting us to take stock of some of the resources we have to help races with one of their biggest challenges (sponsors!). You can download their free eBook here: For more ideas to supercharge your Sponsor Program […]

U.S. Registration Market Analysis – March 2018

We do a US Registration Market Analysis every 6 months: September 2015 March, 2016 September, 2016 March, 2017 September, 2018 We try to make it better with your feedback (so feel free to send suggestions or corrections to bob.bickel at We do this as part of our own internal market evaluation processes, but share […]

RaceTrends: Are Participants Returning?

Among the many marketing questions facing race directors is this one: do you focus your efforts on enticing previous runners to return, or seek out new participants? In an ideal world, the answer is BOTH! However, it’s worth understanding the baseline “normal” expectation for participants to return to assess some of your strengths – and update […]

Mailchimp Integration

We have released an integration with MailChimp that automatically puts participant information into specific MailChimp lists as they sign up or are bulk imported to your race. This makes it simple for race directors who prefer to use MailChimp in addition to RunSignUp’s free email service to maintain accurate and current mailing lists. To set […]

CRM View Extended to Donations and Fundraising

We have extended our new CRM view to include full details on past Fundraising and Donations. For example, here is the Donation view (selected on the left hand side) organized by year (viewing 2013 when Bob was generous): Here is the view for Fundraising: Right now, this view is only accessible from the Participant Report […]

Sample Race Registration RFP

We have had many races approach us asking for input on creating their Request for Proposal when they are considering another registration provider. We’ve taken a look through the many we have received over time, and have come up with a sample template that you are free to use, edit and modify for your race. […]

Edit Multi-Use Reserved Entries

We have added a way to edit multiple-use reserved entries! If you go to the Multiple-Use Reserved Entries tab, you will now see an EDIT button next to each link:  This will allow you to update the original settings for the reserved entry, including:  Number of uses Specific Event pricing Reservation dates and settings Notes […]

Praying Runner Shares His Story

We saw a runner called The Praying Runner posted on Facebook that he would be running his 50th marathon at age 50 on March 4th at the Napa Valley Marathon. We were intrigued to find out his story and he graciously shared a little of life with us… Why 50 Marathons and Why Running? Thirteen […]

RaceTrends: The Attraction of Teams

Successful race promotion goes beyond the obvious social media, race flyer, email marketing model and looks at ways to get participants more involved as de-facto ambassadors for the event. One simple option: Groups & Teams. Teams (or groups) can have a broad definition. A few usages we see: Relay teams Competitive teams (scored as a […]

New Feature: the Race Status Indicator

Hi All, We just released a new feature, the Race Status Indicator. Here are some screenshots, and an explanation. The Race Status Indicator will display like an ‘LED light’ next to the Race Title. The Race Status Indicator can be red (requires action), yellow (warning), or green (good) – depending on what’s going on with […]