Kentucky Derby Festival Galloped with RaceJoy!


People galloped through the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon with RaceJoy!

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The Kentucky Derby Festival is the biggest party of the spring with more than 1.5 million people attending over 70 events. Many people don’t realize that the Kentucky Derby is filled with a weekend filled with festivities, and RaceJoy was fortunate enough to be a part of two: the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon and the Kentucky Derby Festival Tour de Lou.


The marathon and mini marathon took place Saturday, April 28th and the bike event, called Tour de Lou, took place on Sunday, April 29th. Known as one of the nation’s flattest courses taking place in “one of America’s Quirkiest Cities” according to TIME Magazine, it’s no surprise this attracted so many runners and that people had such a great time in Kentucky the last weekend of April.


Runners and supporting family and friends used RaceJoy to its fullest – they were clearly as excited about using the mobile app as we were to be part of the huge party. More than 8,500 people used RaceJoy to track runners at the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon. There were 118,000 progress alerts issued as runners crossed each mile marker on the course!


The race organizers went the extra mile by including surprise Geo Cheers along the course that aligned with the Kentucky Derby theme. Check out the cheer that played as participants crossed the starting line:


Also, at mile 8, which is at Churchill Downs, the participants got to hear the Old Kentucky Home song play. Here’s what it sounded like when they reached that milestone:


As a sponsor of certain mile points along the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon and Marathon courses, DICK’S Sporting Goods supported runners with Geo Cheers, like this one played at Mile 13:


Sponsored by DICK’s Sporting Goods

We love that RaceJoy galloped through Louisville during the festivities of the Kentucky Derby and are thrilled to see such a great response from participants, spectators, race organizers and sponsors alike.

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With 16,000+ cheers issued by supporting spectators, it was definitely a fun filled event people should put on their bucket list!

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